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sto-fleet-infoDedicated to working together to accomplish what one can not. To never be satisfied with mediocrity, to always improve, to always try and to have fun doing it.

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    Delirium Tremens: Latin translation, “Trembling madness”. We are a STO fleet created with a vision in Mind. – joining our fleet, helping build our new home together. You have been invited to Delirium Tremens.

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    Delirium Tremens - Romulan Scimitar in HSE
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    Delirium Tremens is a fleet of like-minded, mature players, with a good mix of humor, games seriousness, style, flash and a kindness in mind. We are causal players, with good intentions, and the right direction to take it up a notch without losing our selves to the grind.

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